2016-06-29 /// US grants patent on the HyperClay technology of UGent.

HyperClay is an absolute innovation in clay barrier applications, with its superior sealing properties in agressive environments. This engineered clay has an excellent durability under harsh conditions and can be made from any clayey material, going from betonite up to dredges soils. HyperClay is made by mixing the clay with a solution comprising an anionic polymer and subsequently dehydrating the slurry of clayey material and polymer in order to expel the water molecules and adsorb the polymer on the clay surface.

HyperClay tested favouralby for use in hydraulic clay barriers to isolate harmful contaminants from the environment, for instance in cover systems and bottom liners of landfills. HyperClay can also be used for sealing construction joints, below-ground waterproof systems, boreholes, underground excavations in rocks etc.