2022-04-20 /// Eco-transitie in de bouw wint aan belang. Er was dan ook veel interesse in het DUSC event. Hier kan je alle presentaties terugvinden, evenals de link naar de DUSC video!

Uitnodiging 2022-04-20 /// Met genoegen kondigen wij het ‘DUSC inspiratie & demonstratieevent' aan. Dit gaat door woensdag 20 april 2022, in de namiddag, te Gent. Klik hier voor de uitnodiging.

In the press (VRT) June '21 /// Mobble is a wood based concept for eco-friendly construction of buildings, developed by UGent and its students. The concept was one of the prize winners during the Solar Decathlon Europe in 2019. This concept has been further commercialized during the last years and amongst other resulted in the Mobble based house constructed in Eeklo. Further information and a video report by VRT, can be found here (in Dutch).

DBm in the press 2020-08-20 /// At DBm we work on several construction technologies, among which precast concrete. As such Prof. Matthys is sited in the article 'Duitsers verslaan Chinezen bij bouw Tesla-fabriek' (Germany faster than China in the construction of a Tesla-factory) in 'De Standaard'. Thanks to optimum use of prefabricated construction technologies the king-size factory is built in about a year.

June 2020 /// UGent is looking for challenges in the framework of its entrepreneurial activities in education: Companies and institutes can offer challenges, which will be taken on by student teams. The deadline is 10 August 2020.