June 2020 /// The goal of lifeMACS is to develop a life-cycle methodology for the structural assessment of existing concrete structures. DBm assisted in this Strategic Basic Research application, which has now been approved! We look forward to co-work with the companies in the advisory board and beyond to conduct this research and bring it into practice in the years to come.

Uitnodiging 2020-03-27 /// In naam van alle URBCON partners, waar DBm deel van uitmaakt, nodigen we je graag uit op de URBCON workshop en netwerkevent, 27 maart 2020. Dit gaat online door. Hier kan je verdere info terugvinden en de link om je in te schrijven.

2019-12-20 /// Dils&Mander, een UGent start-up, gaat voortaan door het leven als Kwantz ( De firma breidt tevens uit na investering door Willy Naessens Group. Lees hier meer.

DBm SM CircularHotspot2019-11-19 /// City of Ghent requested UGent DBm to be one of the visiting spots, during the Circular Economy Hotspot Belgium. Over 60 people visited the laboratory demonstrations on circular concrete. All information about the event is collected here.

2019-10-10 /// Our research teams at DBm have multiple projects running related to cicurlar building technologies. One of these projects - ASH-CEM - recently finished and succefully demonstrated its new technology. Have a look on this interesting video: