DBm in the press 2020-08-20 /// At DBm we work on several construction technologies, among which precast concrete. As such Prof. Matthys is sited in the article 'Duitsers verslaan Chinezen bij bouw Tesla-fabriek' (Germany faster than China in the construction of a Tesla-factory) in 'De Standaard'. Thanks to optimum use of prefabricated construction technologies the king-size factory is built in about a year.

June 2020 /// UGent is looking for challenges in the framework of its entrepreneurial activities in education: Companies and institutes can offer challenges, which will be taken on by student teams. The deadline is 10 August 2020.

Invitation 2020-06-18 /// You are kindly invited for the international webinar on 18/06/2020 on URBCON and the application of in in Kamp C – ’t Centrum. Click here for further information and to register.

June 2020 /// The goal of lifeMACS is to develop a life-cycle methodology for the structural assessment of existing concrete structures. DBm assisted in this Strategic Basic Research application, which has now been approved! We look forward to co-work with the companies in the advisory board and beyond to conduct this research and bring it into practice in the years to come.

Uitnodiging 2020-03-27 /// U wordt vriendelijk uitgenodigd voor het URBCON webinar op 27 maart 2020. Klik hier voor de flyer. Verdere informatie en inschrijvingslink kan u hier terugvinden. Deze website geeft ook een opname van de presentaties.