Just print a house

2018-06-08 /// The 3D printing team of UGent Department of Structural Engineering is speaking in De Standaard (article in Dutch).

Smartcast aims to control concrete setting

2017-10-18 /// DBm member Prof. De Schutter and his team target an ambitious goal by means of the ERC Advanced Grant Project "SmartCast". Learn more in this video.

Self-healing concrete in Oosterweel

2017-08-31 /// UGent self-healing concrete technology is used for the first time at a Belgian construction site. Learn more.

Novel concrete inspired by ancient Rome

2017-06-04 /// Long lasting Roman concrete is in the news. Have a look to these links (VRT, Nature). Tradinional modern concrete is broading more and more with some interesting inovations, so are our research teams at DBm also working on these innovations. Contact us if your are interested to learn more.

DBm @ Innovatiebeurs C-mine

2016-10-13 /// We are happy to welcome you at our UGent DBm & TechTransfer booth 121 during the 'Innovatiebeurs' on 13th October. That day you will find us also at the Concrete Day at the booth of UGent Magnel Lab & DBm.

10 years IOF: 1250 extra jobs

2016-09-14 /// The Industrial Research Fund (IOF) celebrates its 10th anniversary. DBm is one of the IOF clusters at UGent and contributed significantly to the IOF accomplishments. News@UGentbe. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

HyperClay patent granted in US

2016-06-29 /// US grants patent on the HyperClay technology of UGent.

Artificial reef @ Manmade

2016-06-23 /// Our research teams at DBm provided expertise in creating an artificial reef for artist Nicolas Floc'h, as part of the Manmade exhibition. Learn more (in Dutch).

Challenging Glass

2016-06-01 /// The Challenging Glass Conference 5 is organized at Ghent Univeristy, 16 & 17 June 2016.

Spin-off D&M incorporated

logo dm2016-04-15 /// DBm is proud to announce the incorporation of its 5th spin-off. Discover D&M at dils-mander.com.