Uitnodiging 2019-09-06 /// Met genoegen kondigen wij het ‘ASH-CEM inspiratie en demonstratie event’ aan. Dit gaat door vrijdag 6 september 2019, in de late voormiddag, te Gent. Klik hier voor de uitnodiging.

geo wise2019-07-20 /// DBm is proud to announce the incorporation of its 7th spin-off. Discover Geo-Wise at

DBm is working on technologies to reduce the impact of cement on the environment. Read the article in De TIJD (in Dutch).

3DbridgeMagnel2019-01-29 /// Our researchers of the Department of Structural Engineering 3D-printed a bridge on lab scale, applying shape optimisation to minimize the material use. More information can be found here.

Invitation 2019-01-29 /// We kindly invite UGent reseasrchers for the DBmTalks Breakfast session of 29 January 2019. This 2 hours breakfast session brings you up to speed on the importance of IOF funding and inventions disclosure. Click here for more information on this free event.